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"If you like mammouth war scenes ala' The Patriot, this one may be worth your while. Also Borgman is truly a renegade, indie filmmaker, and his ambition is worthy of our respect." - W. Duke Greenhill, Hybridmagazine.com


The Deserter 

Eric Bruno Borgman, a writer, director, and actor produced his first feature film, the award winning, The Deserter in 2006. The Special Edition DVD was released on April 19, 2006 on the anniversary of the Battle of Lexington Green.


The Deserter, is a feature, comedy/drama about a British Revolutionary War drummer who accidentally deserts from his regiment and is hunted down for execution.


Years in the making, Borgman carefully tried to make the battle scenes as realistic as possible. Hundreds of extras were used to create a major engagemnet of the American Revolution.


"Although the film is ostensibly a comedy, the battle scenes were shot seriously," said Borgman.


Borgman was influenced by Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton and Charley Chase. He employed the elements of silent comedy to tell his story, and used the great music of Rick Benjamin's Paragon Ragtime Orchestra to help the comedy along.


The stirring music of the Middlesex County Volunteers Fife and Drums adds greatly to the mood of the dramatic battles.


Borgman's next film is the comedy short, The Girl of His Dreams, starring Andria Blackman, Casey McDougal and Greg Seymore. 


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